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NyhetFSA 80 R med batteri AK 30 og AL 101 lader

FSA 80 R cordless brushcutter in a set with AK 30 battery and AL 101 standard charger: for quiet and efficient mowing in your home garden, even in confined spaces

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If you do not yet have a STIHL cordless power tool from the AK System, it is worth buying the STIHL FSA 80 R in a set. In addition to the powerful cordless brushcutter from the STIHL AK System, you will also receive a STIHL AK 30 lithium-ion battery and STIHL AL 101 standard charger in the set and be in a position to start work immediately. If you want to mow grass or cut lawn edges quickly and conveniently on smaller lawns in a domestic setting, the STIHL FSA 80 R supports you with its excellent cutting performance. The brushcutter is so quiet that you can work without ear protection and even in noise-sensitive areas.

The compact design of the very well-balanced STIHL FSA 80 R supports comfortable work. The loop handle with soft component allows you a high degree of freedom of movement and therefore flexibility when mowing between trees and shrubs and in other confined spaces. Thanks to the quick-mounting system, you can easily adjust the handle to your height so that you have an ergonomic working position at all times.

Depending on the application, the brushless EC engine can be adjusted directly on the control handle via a variable speed control with 2 speed settings. Select the lower speed, ECO mode (level 1), for example for simpler tasks such as trimming lawn edges. This will result in lower energy consumption and can extend the battery life. For more complex work, such as mowing thick grass, you can use the STIHL FSA 80 R's full speed simply by switching to level 2 using the slide switch. The speed adjusts automatically to the attached cutting tool and is infinitely variable.

The STIHL FSA 80 R is supplied with the STIHL AutoCut 27-2 mowing head as standard. There are more optional cutting tools to choose from. The practical suspension loop, for the STIHL basic harness for example, is supplied as standard and can be adjusted to your height without tools. You can hang the STIHL FSA 80 R on the wall using the carrying ring.

In our overview of STIHL battery runtimes and charging times, you can see how long you can work with your STIHL FSA 80 R cordless brushcutter and how long the battery takes to charge.


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